Transportation is an important service for businesses... In fact, it is so vital that it is absolutely essential for companies to be comprehensively informed!

Frank de Ridder Transport BV has been specializing in the refrigerated/air conditioned transportation of the entire palette of fresh and perishable goods with a focus in particular on the delivery of flowers and plants to Scandinavia, primarily to Denmark and Sweden.

Of course we also service other Scandinavian destinations on behalf of our customers: We offer daily departures from the Netherlands to Scandinavia, while we also offer return route load services from Scandinavia and Germany to Holland. What makes us such a strong partner for our customers is that they can count on us all the time around the clock, seven days a week. Our intelligent and highly effective communications management warrants that our customers can get up-to-date information on the status of their shipments anytime they need to.

Absolute dependability – 100 % of the time:
The success of any business depends on reliable arrangements and on-time services. At Frank de Ridder Transport BV we guarantee that you can count on both of these indispensible commitments.

This is in fact the reason why so many exporters prefer Frank de Ridder Transport BV as their logistics partner.

Fresh, perishable products are the most sensitive items to transport, especially if these goods are embarking on a long journey. Consequently, we are not in any position to afford taking even the smallest risks.

Expert handling by our professional staff, which includes diligent checks during loading, such as counting, temperature checks, visual inspection of the state and being on the lookout for potential damages, guarantee that these kinds of problems do not even arise at the delivery destination.

These are some of the reasons why you can expect this level of reliability from Frank de Ridder Transport BV. The fact that we operate our own fleet of trucks and employ well trained as well as experienced drivers ensure that your shipments will be handled with optimum care and that you will not have to be concerned about the quality of your goods: We will protect it. Regardless of whether you are shipping consolidated freight or full truck loads – our promise stands!

The benefits you will enjoy as our partner at a glance:
Consolidated freight and full truck loads, direct contacts to provide and receive information, handling of all customs related formalities, service available around the clock – seven days a week, shipment tracking and tracing.

Our vehicles – our business card.
Every day, our vehicles travel all over Holland, Germany and Denmark with your cargo on board. This means that our resources are subjected to a lot of wear and tear, which is why we constantly make investments into our fleet and its maintenance.

Our vehicles are washed at least once a week and feature state-of-the-art equipment so that each employee has access to an optimum and comfortable work place every day. This is another factor that communicates to our employees that we hold them in high esteem. Feeling acknowledged gives them a sense of belonging and worth in their daily work environment. Hence, they are highly motivated to satisfy all of our customers by delivering the best possible service.

Wie zijn wij?

Frank de Ridder Transport B.V.
is een internationaal transportbedrijf dat zich heeft gespecialiseerd in het vervoer van temperatuurgevoelige goederen naar met name Scandinavië, en Denemarken. Alle koeltrailers hebben een FRC- certificaat en zijn uitgerust met temperatuurrecorder en laadklep. Zo is het mogelijk om voor ieder product de vereiste temperatuur te behouden. Wij vervoeren de meest kwetsbare goederen, zoals planten en bloemen, vis, groente en fruit.

Frank de Ridder transport vervoert al vele jaren dagverse producten.
Door dit specialisme en onze jarenlange ervaring zijn wij in staat om met de klant mee te denken en advies te geven. Samen met onze vakbekwame medewerkers kunnen wij zorg dragen voor een correcte uitvoering van de opdrachten, waardoor wij als bedrijf onze doelstelling, het opbouwen van een duurzame relatie met de opdrachtgevers, kunnen verwezenlijken.